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We start by digitally measuring your deck, using either a proliner, laser scanning or a combination of the two.

The deck is designed in CAD software and the drawings sent for approval.

Our CNC router is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. The parts are held down by vacuum to be perfectly flat. In it, we carry out all routing of caulking seams and trimming of perimeters for absolute precision.

With an X axis just over 12m, we manufacture deck panels up to the length of a 40ft shipping container, to be shipped to your yacht. This large size of panel, ensures the quickest and most accurate deck installations possible.

In our vacuum pressing tables, all over 12m in length, the teak (or other wood) is pressed onto a GRP backer. The perfectly flat table bed ensures complete flatness of the finished panels and the vacuum pressure, up to 10 tons per square metres, ensures a perfect bond between timber and fibreglass backer.

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