About us

At Ocean Yacht Decks we are passionate about beautiful yachts and believe that a thoughtfully designed and graceful deck is an essential part of a yacht’s elegance.


Of utmost importance to us is that the timber for your deck is sustainably produced. The use of timber can play a major role in the green economy, being a completely sustainable natural resource. However good forestry practices are essential to sustainability. We are an FSC certified company who subscribe to FSC principles.

Our workshop, located in Mallorca, Spain where we enjoy sunshine for most of the year, is fitted with solar panels generating more than enough electricity to fully power our workshop.

OCEAN YACHT DECKS, is a trading name of OCEAN REFIT SL


Our production system is state of the art! We create a digital template of the yacht’s deck, or you send your existing CAD drawings.

We can then produce fully CNC cut decking panels up to 12m in length! Every part of the process is carried out by precision CNC routing. Decking parts can be vacuum pressed onto a GRP backer to ensure stability of the panels and complete flatness throughout.

We also produce other large panels such as parts of boat moulds or mock-ups with a maximum panel size 12m x 1.9m

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